___             .NNN. .NN_             .__                                                                 .NL         
      NF 4N            (NNN) NNNN            JNNNNN_ J)                                        JN"4N.           .JNNNN__      
      N) .N             """   ""`            N  `NNNNF        ""NNNNNNNNNNNNNL_               (N   (N         JNNNFNF`4NNN    
      `NNN`                                                      NNNN       "NNNN.            (NN_JNN        NNNN  N)   4N    
`"NNNNF""""""NNN`"4NNNN"        "4NNF"`.____          ______.    NNNN         4NNNN            `NNNF        (NNN)  N)    N    
   NNN)       `N   NNN`           (N    "NNNN.         `NN`      NNNN          `NNNN.           JNL         (NNNL  N)    N    
   NNN)        4)  NNN            (N      4NNNL         (N       NNNN           (NNNL          (NNN)        `NNNNN.N)         
   NNN)            NNN            (N      (NNNNN.       (N       NNNN            NNNN.         NNNNN         (NNNNNNN         
   NNN)            NNN            (N      (N4NNNN.      (N       NNNN            (NNN)        (NFNNN)         `4NNNNN)        
   NNN)      N     NNN            (N      (N `NNNNL     (N    NNNNNNNNNNNNNN     (NNN)       .NN`(NNN           `NNNNNL.      
 __NNNL____JNN     NNN            (N      (N   4NNNN.   (N       NNNN            (NNN)       JNF  NNNL            `NNNNNN.    
   NNN)    `4N     NNN            (N      (N    4NNNN.  (N       NNNN            JNNN`      (NN   (NNN)            NNNNNNNL   
   NNN)      N     NNN            (N      (N     `NNNNL (N       NNNN            NNNN      .NN)    NNNN            NN NNNNN)  
   NNN)            NNN            (N      (N       4NNNNJN       NNNN           JNNN`      NNN"""""NNNNL           NN  4NNN)  
   NNN)            NNN)           NN      (N        4NNNNN       NNNN          JNNN)      JF         NNN)   ()     NN  (NNN)  
   NNN)            (NNL          .N)      (N         `NNNN       NNNN        .NNNN`      (N          `NNN.  (N     NN  JNNN   
   NNN)             4NN.        .NF       (N           4NN      .NNNN__   ._NNNNF       (N)           NNNN. (NN.  .NN JNNN`   
._JNNNN__            `NNL_   ._NN`      __NNL_          (N     NNNNNNNNNNNNNN"`        JNNN_.       .JNNNNNL`"NNNNJNNNNF`     
                        `"""""`                                                                                    NN`        
Exploited Chaos Pages - About / Acknowledgements / Additional ZZT-Related Info / Bookie / Bulletin Board Systems / INDEX / Links / One Mo Dollah / Other Stuff / Uploader / ZZT Fundamentals

ZZT Files - a / b / c / d / e / f / g / h / i / j / k / l / m / n / o / p / q / r / s / t / u / v / w / x / y / z / pound

This is a various mix of ZZT files you can download, the bare necessities, and it's the stuff you need. You'll like em, and you'll need em. Finally, you may even want em.

(Super)ZZT Versions

SuperZZT 2.0 / Text - This is SuperZZT in all its glory. Experience Monster Zoo and Forest and Provings and more! You need to do superz /e to get into the editor. This is your friend in the game creation world. Check it out.

SuperZZT 4.0 / Text - This is WiL's updated binary of SuperZZT. You are now able to edit up to 64k boards. Also included is my toolkit Dude Scott This is Josh and the BombyB Slime Engine just for kicks.

ZZT 2.0 / Text - Here is ZZT 2.0. Some people like to check out older versions, but it's not much different from 3,0 but has some stuff like, well I dunno. Oh yeah, Town of ZZT's different title screen. Oh and something about Potomac Computer Systems.

ZZT 3.0 / Text - Here lies ZZT 3.0 and there is a different resolution. Some prefer it. Some despise it. But it's an alternative, and the .cfg must be included or else it will refuse to run, and I believe half of the game is in the .dat file.

ZZT 3.2 / Text - ZZT 3.2 is just about what everyone nowadays uses, less they go for the update. Changes were made where they updated the resolution, different entrance screen, and other stuff. They forgot to update the text file though.

ZZT 3.2 Unregistered / Text - For those who miss the oldskool ZZT before it was registered with the recipe for 5 better friends opening and the spiffy exit message, this is for you...

ZZT 4.1 - This file is ZZT 4.1. It has been updated by WiL so the board limit is 64k per board. Water noise has been removed. K size changed from 47k to 39k. Saved files must be written out instead of default saved.sav. Exporting boards must be written out. No default border in editor. Able to #put on the bottom row. Probably other hidden features as well...

ZZT and SuperZZT out-of-game Utils

asc.zip - This file is a mystery. It is an ascii chart. It is a very special one because it also shows the hex of a character which is important for SuperZZT. You simply press ALT+A and you can see what's going on.

BG ASCII 1.3 - Not only have I used this as a design for all my webpages, I occasionally use this for board design as well by pasting things into ZZTAE since it goes to the next line with an enter. I then draw over it.

BlinkX / Text - This is BlinkX. It takes the items that blink and stops them from blinking and inverts the character's colours. So if an object was bright yellow on dark red blinking, it would become dark red on bright yellow not blinking. This file destroys blinks. USE WITH CAUTION.

BMP2ZZT 4 / This program is by TTTPPP. It takes a 60 X 50 bitmap file and converts it to bitmap with half-tiles and all. It works relatively fast and runs even faster with some organization such as a reused source bitmap name and the use of a batch file, persay. It's very recommended, a ZZT Essential

cygwin1.dll / You'll need this DLL file to run BMP2ZZT 4 or +

Font Mania / By Rexxcom Systems. This font editor is what we work with to make font-oriented games. It works well enough to use.

ZZT Info Editor / Text - by David Pinkston ( Chronos30 ) It edits .savs and .zzts. Check out the info file for more.

Kevedit 0.5.0 / Text - by Kev Vance. This program is highly recommended and an essential. Random fills, music tester (which doesn't work for me for some reason. Oh well. Other than that, it seems to have pretty much what I want. Check it out.

LZZTUtil 0.3.3 Build 1 / Text - A ZZT Stat Editor Utility by Daemon Lotos. Not sure how much better this is than info edit, but it has a Win32 gui. That has something to say. Read more about it in the text file.

ZZM Player / Text - This is the ZZM Player. It's named mplayer.exe so don't overwrite media player. It's by Michael Cockrum. THE Michael Cockrum of http://michaelcockrum.info/ For more info on him, go to his site, and for more info on the file, click on the text

ZZTMuzMak - The Music Maker / Text - This program's by some guy named Mr. E Biscuit. Not sure how to work it, but check it out, or at least read the text file. It will be fun.

PK Unzip - by PKWare. Use this to unzip stuff if you don't already have one. "unzip file". For help, just run the program by itself.

PK Zip - by PKWare. Use this to zip stuff if you don't already have one. "zip file". For help, just run the program by itself.

Quill / Text - by Atrocity - Original by WiL. This makes extreme scrollers at the bottom of the screen with ease, check out the text for details. ALSO, one more thing. It's by Michael Cockrum. THE Michael Cockrum of http://michaelcockrum.info/ For more info on him, go to his site, and for more info on the file, click on the text

Tab 2 ZZT v 2.0 / Text - by Dark FLR. This is by far the most useful music utility out there. Convert tab files straight to notes. May require some changes, and doesn't allow more than one note at a time, but still works well. With a midi-tab program, you can be converting midis with it too. Only thing is you have put in the note types and work out the tempo and rests, since tabs have no way of showing that. You may just have to know the song.. Pick it up here.

Text Reformatter / Text - by Chronos. it converts text files to the spacing that ZZT can understand. Read the text file for more.

Unlock Pro 2.0.0 / Text - by Kev Vance. ZZT Lock File Manipulator. Unlock files, and stuff.

Un-ZZTAE / Text - by Cyq. Remove traces of use of ZZTAE from the file by using this, if for whatever reason.

Z-Menu / Text - by JMStuckman. This is some sorta front menu for ZZT. Refer to the text file for details.

ZOE - ZZT Object Editor / Text - by Unknown. All we know is Madtom suggested it according to the text file. Noboy knows of anything else.. nobody.

Zoomit - by Cyq. Take one .brd file and ZOOM it into 25 boards.. Perfect for those revenge of my toolkit-style games. Also removes stats from objects.

ZZT Palette Editor / Text - by SmileyMZX. You use this file to change the palette of the ascii and stuff. A ZZT Essential. Very special.

ZZT Default Font / Text - by noi5e and Wong Chung Bang. Apparently making a font of the characters before actually making anything takes not one but two people! And they're fighting for the credit over it too! See the controversial text! A very useful utility. Another ZZT Essential!

ZZM Studio Demo / Text - by Atrocity. I belive it was really called ZZM Stud, but hey. It's only a demo, but there's more features.. Oh by the way, one more thing. It's by Michael Cockrum. THE Michael Cockrum of http://michaelcockrum.info/ For more info on him, go to his site, and for more info on the file, click on the text

ZZT AdvancEditor - by Cyq, this is the editor of choice by many users. A music tester that actually works, the ability to just paste f4 text in and it goes to the next line with enter, still a lot of people's preferred choice. Check it out. For advanced users of ZZT

ZZTCheat Utility 1.0 / Text - by Kerry High. It requires Win95 or higher, whatever that means. It's another one of those stat editors. Read more about it or pick it up now.

ZZT++ / Text - by WeP. I think this is the original alpha, like 2 percent being done, but what's done of it is pure white gold. This is a ZZT Essential! Extreme. You gotta see to believe! And you gotta believe. I think the site is still http://planetzztpp.com

ZZT Music Player v 2.2 / Text - by Jacob Hammond. Oh by the way, Atrocity compiled it for him, as in Michael Cockrum. THE Michael Cockrum of http://michaelcockrum.info/ For more info on him, go to his site, and for more info on the file, click on the text

ZZT Re-namer / Text - by Chronos. It renames a file. This is extreme stuff. You not only have to read it, but maybe experience it before believing it!

ZZTPatch 1.0 / Text - by Grant D. Watson (ZZTLoco). It patches and removes those trendy messages on the bottom. It's like getting a nicotine patch. It doesn't do much.

ZZT Piano - by DarkFLR. This program allows you to press on a virtual piano and output it to ZZT. I was hopin for more features so it could battle the effectiveness of say even the ultimate ZZT Essential Tab2ZZT, but notbing can battle that.

ZZTransfer / Text - by My Liver Hurtz. You're supposed to transfer stuff for the next file. Check out the thing for details.

ZZT Viewer v0.0 - by CyQ. This file is a mystery. Nobody knows what it does. Nobody.

Z / Text - by Saxxonpike. Basically it's a ZZT Runner. It runs. He was thinking someone else made a util for ZZT called Z, but apparently they didn't.. That's what the text is all about. I'd get it for Z.ZZT. Interesting stuff!

(Super)ZZT in-game Utilities

The 3D Talk Engine - by Mew. You'll need the PC Speaker pumpin for full effect, but this is the most revolutionary engine available in ZZT to date! An absolute ZZT Essential!

Chronos Utilities - by Chronos. I guess this includes MoreSTK, WeirdSTK, Demo2, Demo3 (SuperZZT), and some SuperZZT boards. Check it out if you don't have any of these.The demos are of most interesting.

Darby Toolkit - by Darby Jansen. Maker of Get to Work on Time - THE GAME, he's made this ultimate kit of useful stuff. oh man. Check it out. LOVE that stealth engine!

Mouse Selection Engine 2.0 / Text - This is TBot's extremely useful mouse pointing util, being the radicalist he is, saying we should change our ways and make extreme mouse games, and I guess maybe we should!

Pure STK / Text - by Dr. Dos. He just took 3 files and made them into one and took out the title screens to em. Extreme.

Sympathetic Colouring / Text - by Viovis. I made this a long time ago as templates to make boards and stuff out of. It got its uses out of it. Basically just a bunch of arty boards you could use... And a suprise in the text file.

SuperZZT Tools / Text - by HM. Even though HM Sux0rZ since there's no text file included, he still made this really nice SuperZZT Toolkit and a nice tricks file and everything. More than that lazy Chronos ever did.

SuperZZT Encyclopedia 1a / Text - by Gentoo. This is an ode to SuperZZT. This shows us how ultimate SuperZZT is. It has lots of useful neat well done stuff. We should all make more engines and send it to this Gentoo. Also Evilmario and HM and Aurorasoft have contributed to this.

Z Files 2.4 - by Zenith. A toolkit collection. 3 worlds of toolkits.. Useful a few times to pick one of the many, but I'd stick with josh whatever you do. joooooooooooooooooooosh!

Total Fades 2.0 / Text - by Jacob Hammond. He has to have his total fades. Read more about it here.

ZZT Encyclopedia Volume 3c - by Chronos, Sonic, and contributors. A big Encyclopedia of stuff. It's in about 3 files or so. It's an out of date version compared to the newer more organized one, but ennh.

ZZT Encyclopedia Online / Text - by Chronos, Sonic, and contributors. A more organized more filed ZZT Encyclopedia. Check this out for neat stuff, I suppose.

ZZT Tools 2.0 / Text - by Software Visions and Eaglerock Interactive. I fixed a runtime error in musicbox so it runs better. I also updated the title screen and boards and fixed it so the song is within the music note. No more runtime error. I can't believe Greg Jansen published this with one. Well, he has me to thank now. Also Super Tookit and other crap's in here. Not really useful. What's interesting is the documentation contained with the file and Musicbox mostly.

Well, that sums up the utilities. If you have any, resort to the upload part.

You are user #ELEVENTY BILLION [1] , and today's date is THE FUTURE! Copyright (C) 2002-5 / Brian Crouch